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I’m Sophie Brannon, an SEO specialist from the UK. I have worked in the SEO industry agency-side for the past 7 years, most recently as Client Services Director. I have led SEO campaigns for a range of businesses from small start ups to multinationals in highly competitive industries including finance and health. My focus isn’t on rankings. It’s on delivering ROI and showcasing the value of SEO as a digital channel – helping businesses to better attract, engage and convert their site visitors. 

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Award-Winning SEO Specialist, Author & Speaker

I was honoured to be awarded Rising Agency Star of the Year at the UK Agency Awards 2021 and have strategised numerous campaigns in a number of global sectors including health, finance and eCommerce. I was the lead author for the Web Almanac 2022 SEO chapter and have written several articles for major publications in the industry. I am also an avid speaker and have spoken at events including BrightonSEO on 3 occasions, including on the main stage, and WeLoveSEO Paris.


I was lucky to have Sophie handling our company’s SEO profile; she did a great job over the last three years. Her communication skills, technical knowledge, and strategic thinking are all great.

Waleed Taleb
CMO & Board Member, Vera Clinic

I was a client of Sophie’s for approximately three years, in which time Sophie was my primary account manager. In a word, Sophie is fantastic. Sophie is diligent, passionate and is able to effortlessly articulate complex SEO and marketing topics in a way that’s easy to understand for clients. Sophie is relentless in finding solutions and preparing for changes; before I as a client knew a problem, Sophie had already prepared a solution. I would have no hesitation about recommending Sophie for marketing positions, especially in the SEO speciality.

Douglas Adams
Growth Marketing Manager, Floww

Sophie mentored me as part of the Women in Tech SEO mentorship scheme when I was right at the beginning of my SEO career. Sophie was invaluable in helping me find the areas of SEO that I was passionate about: something that has really shaped my career since. Together, we set achievable goals that really pushed me out of my comfort zone, along with a roadmap that ensured I felt confident in my ability to meet them. Sophie encouraged me to approach any challenge with a “lets do it” attitude, which has helped me secure promotions, podcast appearances and more. With Sophie as a mentor, I always felt like I had a cheerleader on my side, and someone I could turn to about my career, skills, emotional and professional development.

Olivia Day
Growth Marketing Manager at Honeycomb Search

Sophie is fantastic presenter, and can distill the most complex of SEO topics into an interesting, understandable and super slick talk. She has great stage presence and gets her points across clearly with confidence. I’d not hesitate to recommend her as an addition to any conference line-up!

Sophie Gibson
Technical SEO Director, StudioHawk

Sophie is an excellent communicator. She is able to break down large strategies into digestable chunks that are suitable for beginners and experts alike. Sophie has a very compelling stage presence and she delivers engaging talks either solo or in panels. If all that wasn’t enough, she is an excellent presenter!

Lidia Infante
Senior SEO Manager at Sanity.Io

I’ve been lucky enough to travel with, and speak with Sophie on podcasts and other media as well as seen her present, Sophie is an incredibly commercially savvy SEO who can present on many diverse topics within SEO, from technical, content and off-page. I always look forward to hearing seeing her talk either on the main stage at BrightonSEO, the advanced topics within Ungagged or the accessible events of TakeItOffline, if I was organising an event Sophie is always on the short list of invited speakers.

Gerry White
Head of SEO, Oda

Sophie is very knowledgeable about all areas of SEO and her creativity really shows when coordinating and executing SEO strategies. Her attention to detail and the way she can explain seemingly complicated SEO areas bluntly and clearly really makes her stand out in the industry.

Itamar Blauer
Senior SEO Director, StudioHawk

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